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EdZeeta is a platform designed for hands-on, result-oriented learning.

EdZeeta supports students through its interactive platform, promoting hands-on, result-oriented learning. By granting access to a wide array of educational resources and fostering peer collaboration, EdZeeta empowers students to cultivate practical skills and excel academically. The platform also provides personalized learning experiences, career guidance, internship training, and placement assistance to ensure students are well-prepared for their future endeavors.

EdZeeta provides internship training in various domains for students at all degree levels. To explore the list of available domains, please visit the ‘Courses’ section.

Yes, internships can be conducted in online mode, often referred to as “virtual” or “remote” internships. EdZeeta offers online internships that allow students to gain valuable work experience and skills from the comfort of their own location. These virtual internships typically involve tasks and projects that can be completed online, such as research, data analysis, content creation, and more. Online internships provide flexibility and accessibility, making them suitable for students who may not be able to participate in traditional, on-site internships.

EdZeeta should be your top choice for internship training because we offer the best hands-on learning experience in your chosen domain, complete with assignments and real-time projects. Additionally, we provide invaluable career guidance and offer placement assistance, ensuring you have the support you need to kickstart your professional journey.

EdZeeta Internships can greatly benefit 1st-year students by providing them with hands-on experience and practical skills that complement their coursework. Additionally, early internships help students start building their professional network, explore potential career paths, enhance their resumes, and boost their confidence in the professional world. While these internships may not always align directly with their major, they lay a solid foundation for future career success.

EdZeeta Internships are particularly beneficial for 2nd-year students as they provide hands-on experience that complements classroom learning. By this stage, students often have a clearer focus on their career interests, and internships allow them to explore these paths. Additionally, they offer opportunities for networking, resume enhancement, and increased confidence in the professional world. 2nd-year internships can be more specialized and aligned with a student’s academic and career goals, providing valuable preparation for the future.

3rd-year students benefit from EdZeeta internships by gaining specialized industry experience, applying their academic knowledge in practical settings, and expanding their professional network. These internships enhance their resumes and increase their chances of receiving job offers upon graduation. By the 3rd year, internships play a crucial role in preparing students for a successful transition into their chosen careers.

In the final year, EdZeeta internships become a stepping stone to direct placements, offering 4th-year students valuable hands-on experience that makes them job-ready. These internships bridge the gap between academic knowledge and practical application, enhancing career readiness. Additionally, they expand professional networks, enhance resumes, and often lead to direct job offers upon graduation, providing a seamless transition from university to the workforce.

No prerequisites are required as training will be provided from the basic level.

Yes, the internship training will include both a minor project and a major project.

Upon completing your internship training, you will receive 3-4 certificates, which include:
1).Internship Certificate
2).Course Completion Certificate
3).Best Intern Award (Performance-based)
4).Letter of Recommendation

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