Internet of Things

Unlock the power of the connected world with EdZeeta’s IoT course. Dive into the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) and learn to create smart, interconnected devices that are revolutionizing industries worldwide.


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The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping the way we interact with the world around us. At EdZeeta, we believe that IoT is not just a technology; it's a gateway to a smarter, more connected future. With IoT, everyday objects become intelligent, capable of collecting and exchanging data to make our lives more efficient, sustainable, and secure. Our IoT courses are designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to harness the potential of IoT. Whether you're interested in building smart home devices, optimizing industrial processes, or creating innovative healthcare solutions, our IoT programs provide hands-on experience and industry insights to help you thrive in this dynamic field. Join us in exploring the limitless possibilities of IoT and be at the forefront of technological innovation.

Concepts covered in Internet of Things

• Understanding the basics of IoT, its evolution, and its impact on various industries
• Exploring real-world IoT applications and case studies

• Introduction to popular IoT hardware platforms, such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and ESP8266
• Hands-on experience in setting up and configuring IoT hardware

• Overview of common sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity, motion) and actuators used in IoT
• Practical exercises in sensor interfacing and data collection

• Understanding IoT communication protocols, including MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP
• Implementing secure and efficient data transmission in IoT projects

• Introduction to data analytics in IoT and the importance of data-driven decision-making
• Hands-on experience with data analysis tools and techniques

• Exploring cloud platforms for IoT, such as AWS IoT, Azure IoT, and Google Cloud IoT Core
• Setting up IoT devices to connect and transmit data to the cloud

• Understanding IoT security challenges and best practices
• Implementing security measures, including device authentication and encryption

• Introduction to edge computing in IoT for real-time data processing
• Building edge computing solutions for latency-sensitive applications

• Rapid prototyping of IoT projects using development boards and tools
• Collaborative project work on innovative IoT solutions

• Understanding the importance of interoperability and standards in IoT ecosystems
• Integrating multiple IoT devices and platforms for seamless operation

• Discussing ethical considerations in IoT, data privacy, and responsible IoT development
• Exploring sustainable IoT solutions and their environmental impact

• Planning, executing, and presenting IoT projects
• Developing project management and communication skills

• Staying updated with the latest IoT trends, such as 5G integration, AI and machine learning, and blockchain in IoT
• Preparing for future advancements in the field

• Preparing a report summarizing the internship experience and IoT projects
• Presenting internship achievements and learnings

• IoT-Based Weather Station
• Health and Fitness Tracker
• IoT-Based Home Security System
• Smart Parking System
• IoT-Based Pet Monitoring

The salary for IoT Professionals in India


  • ₹3 lakh to ₹6 lakh per annum


  • ₹6 lakh to ₹12 lakh per annum


  • ₹12 lakh to ₹25 lakh or more per annum

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Self Paced

  • Induction Session
  • Course Completion certificate
  • Internship certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Few doubt clearing sessions during          projects
  • LMS Access
  • Live Interactive classes
  • Best Intern Award


  • Induction Session
  • Course Completion certificate
  • Internship certificate
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Few doubt clearing sessions during          projects
  • LMS Access
  • Live Interactive classes
  • Best Intern Award

Multinational companies (MNCs) that hire IoT professionals

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EdZeeta offers a remarkable opportunity for skill enhancement, empowering individuals to thrive in the industry. Our training platform is ideal for students seeking to acquire hands-on experience and practical knowledge in cutting-edge technologies.

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